Technical Support

With more than 20 years experience of OEM manufacturing, we could supply customers with some technical support on part design such as raw material selection, process selection, and part structure design, helping customers to get a more economic and feasible part design solution.

Technical Support
Shipping Service

Logistic Support

20 + years of independent import and export experience

Having more than ten years of independent import and export experience, we can provide a variety of transportation services, including export and domestic logistics, according to customer requirements. We can import products when necessary for assembly and apply a booklet to avoid import duty and VAT for customers.


Working on an ERP system, our sales service team handles all customer orders by coordinating with our production team to ensure on-time delivery.


Local warehouses in the United States and Europe are planned to be set up to provide customers with local distribution services, thereby reducing the inventory level and shortening the procurement cycle time for customers.

Service Support

Pre-sale service:

We check the manufacturing feasibility of part design for customers and provide suggestions about drawing changes for customers.

We also supply prototyping services for customers, helping them to verify part design quickly.

After-sales service:

When there is any quality problem, we will handle it and give a response to the customer in 24 hours.

Distribution service:

We have three distribution warehouses in the United States, and we can implement JIT (just-in-time) delivery according to your production plan.

Service Support